Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of July

Currently in Bolivia so I haven't had time to post anything new. I do however want to post the cake I made for Independence Day. I wanted to make something that really celebrated the holiday so I decided to make a layer cake with the colors of red white and blue. Before I baked the cake I went on the search for red and blue sprinkles. This turned out to be impossible. I would have thought that blue and red sprinkles would have been the easiest to find, especially around the holiday. The only red sprinkles that I could find in the store were cinnamon flavored. I thought this was odd. But as it turned out I had a few left over in the back of my cabinet, but no blue ones to be seen. Luckily they make marshmallows that are in the shape of stars and red white and blue. So I figured this would work. I don't have the recipe with me since I left in at home but it is a basic white cake with a lemon cream cheese frosting. I'm not much of a vanilla cake person, but everyone else enjoyed it. It was very festive in the end.

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