Friday, September 30, 2011

Dinosaur Cake

I was on a hunt the other day for a deep dish pie pan. It is just about apple pie season. But instead I came across a mold for a dinosaur cake! I love dinosaurs. Maybe its because when I tell people I study archaeology they think that means I study dinosaurs. Well I don't. But it could also be because I think dinosaurs are just awesome. So I was very happy to have found this cake mold.

I wasn't having a great day yesterday and I knew what would make it better. Having my friend come over and bake a cake. I made my usual chocolate cake only I made a green frosting to go on top and used chocolate chips and craisins for the eyes and white chocolate chips for the teeth. I don't think he looks as intimidating as a dinosaur should, but hey, this was my first time making it. And it did the job and cheered me up!

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