Monday, June 25, 2012

Nashville Street Food Festival

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in Nashville's first Street Food Festival. The event was sponsored by Wanderland Urban Food Park a company that specializes in gathering these food trucks together. Food bloggers of Nashville were asked to be judges of best savory, best dessert, and best drink. This was a really great opportunity for me and fellow food bloggers to get together and try some new and innovative cuisines.

I find the food truck movement to be really interesting. As an anthropologist who studies the intersections of food and culture I think that the food truck movement will emerge as an interesting topic of study in the near future. Food trucks move away from some of the traditional American concepts of how and where foods can be eaten and create a new sense of identity and community. The trucks themselves are movable representations of art and culture, as well as movable feasts.

I really encourage everyone out there to go and try these food trucks. These unconventional businesses are also locations for discovering some unconventional foods and twists on some classics. No mater what your taste preference is I'm sure that there is a food truck out there that will satisfy your cravings!

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