Thursday, June 30, 2011

Suzy Wong's House of Yum Date Night

In an attempt to explore more of what Nashville has to offer, my boyfriend and I have been going out once a week to a new restaurant. This week's restaurant, thanks to a groupon, was Suzy Wong's House of Yum. I had been here before a while back and thought it was pretty good, but I wanted to try some other menu items.

We decided to share a Yum Bowl and a few small plates. We started off with Sesame Steak Yakatori Skewers. They were very flavorful and the sesame was strong. It tasted a lot like toasted sesame oil, which at times I am not as big a fan of as the regular sesame oil, but this melded well with the other flavors of the steak. We also got the Vegetable Gyoza Pot Stickers. My boyfriend was disappointed because he is used to the fried version and these were the boiled version. Next time I'll be sure to ask. In any case they were good, but not great. There was something missing in the flavor department and I though the dumpling wrappers were not as tender as they could be. Lastly in the small plate portion of the meal we shared the Five Spiced Braised Pork Ribs. Let me tell you, these were AMAZING! Definitely the best thing we ate that night. They were fall of the bone tender and the sauce was delicious with an array of spices and a little bit of heat. These are a must have when dining here.

We shared the Indian Crock Pot Chicken and Rice. This dish had flavor, sadly the flavor was one dimensional, a little too much of some spice, although I am not sure which. And despite me asking the server exactly what it was, we were still shocked to see what actually came to the table. She described it as being similar to a yellow curry. However it was really more like a fried rice with an accompanying flavored soy sauce to pour on top. Next I will ask better questions. Oh well, this is the point of trying new restaurants and new recipes.

All in all I think this restaurant is great for the food, especially the small plates, the price, and the ambiance. They have done a wonderful job with decorating and the music is great. The servers were friendly, although the one we head was not as knowledgeable about some of the food, she also seemed new.

We are looking forward to next week, especially since it will be my last dinner in Nashville for a month.

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