Monday, March 19, 2012

Belated St. Patrick's Post

It was a fun St. Patrick's weekend for us. Friday night our friends hosted a party so I brought with me cookies and cupcakes. The party was a lot of fun. It was a beautiful night and we spend it on the balcony playing games and enjoying each others company. Saturday was spent running errands and trying to avoid more storms that came through. Luckily they passed fairly quick and we were able to spend the late afternoon watching the NCAA basketball tournament and even got to grill some steaks and hot dogs. We had plans to go to a couple parties that night, but we stopped by home after grilling and I basically fell asleep on the couch. One night out a week is more than enough for me, I guess I'm getting older. Oh well. 

Here are some pics of the themed desserts I made. There were Shamrock cookies, as well as Rainbow cookies. The tutorial for the rainbow cookies can be found here at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. I made mini chocolate cupcakes and while they were still hot I brushed them with whiskey then after they cooled topped them with a Bailey's buttercream and a little royal icing shamrock. Hope everyone had a happy holiday!


  1. they look awesome! glad you had fun at the st. patrick's day party - sounds like a blast!

    1. Thanks! Hope you had a great celebration too!