Tuesday, November 29, 2011

California Vacation

After a long day of travel and me not wanting to board the plane we made it back from California. We had a great time visiting friends and family and of course the almost non-stop eating tour. This was by boyfriends first trip to California and it has almost been a year since I last visited home. We went to my favorite restaurants, ate my mom's amazing Thanksgiving dinner, had picnics, BBQ's, and countless snacks. It was a fantastic trip. Below are some of the more foodie highlights of the tour.

Plus I came back with plenty of food goodies:
Sourdough bread from San Luis Sourdough
Pinquito Beans with all the spices
My grandmother's pastry blender
A whole stack of cookbooks
And I finally got my Ebelskiver pan

Cambria Pines Lodge where we stayed for the night and enjoyed a wonderful meal, bottle of wine, fireplace, and beautiful setting along the coast of central California

Will enjoying some delicious zucchini fries from Orcutt Burger

A joint effort on the Thanksgiving apple pie between me and my mom

The beautiful and delicious Thanksgiving turkey

The amazing sides. The cranberry sauce is homemade and cooked down in red wine with pumpkin pie spice. YUM

Wine tasting along the Central Coast

And of course, what is a trip to California without In-n-out?

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